Site Safety

By entering site you are agreeing to:

  • Adhere to site speed limits
  • Not smoking at any time
  • Abide by the Vehicle Movement Plan
  • Ensure children and pets remain inside vehicles
  • Wear enclosed footwear.  Protective gloves and safety glasses are also recommended
  • Place your waste in marked areas
  • Take care while loading/unloading vehicles
  • Keep a look out for other vehicles
  • Stay within one metre of your vehicle
  • Follow instructions from staff
  • Park only in designated areas
  • Remove vehicle coverings in the Tarp Removal Area
  • Replace vehicle coverings or tarps before leaving site

Commcercial Zone Additional Requirements

  • UHF channel 7 to be used if available
  • Full PPE to be worn as per signage
  • Truck drivers must ensure that vehicles are on level ground before tipping
  • Before leaving the tipping area, the rear doors of vehicles must be closed and hoists lowered