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Decorative Aggregate

If you want to transform your garden, drive or path the best way to do this is to use our Decorative Aggregates!

Our products are a great way to complement your existing planting and landscaping.  By improving the look of your property you can add value!

Our Aggregates can also be used as mulches if used on top of soil.  It aids in moisture retention and can help with temperature flucutations by providing insulation.

It's a great way to spruce up borders and flower beds and can be used a an alternative to paving.  If you want to prevent weed growth why not put our aggregate over a membrance.  It will prevent weed growth but still allow water to drain away.

All our Decorative Aggregates are made using recycled brick and tile pieces.  A great recycling initiative that helps the environment by reducing material to landfill.

Material Description

Our 20mm, 10mm Decorative Aggregates and our Brick fines range in size from dust to approximately 20mm in diameter.

20mm Decorative Aggregate

Benefits of using Concrush Aggregate

  • It is a 100% recycled product
  • It is a good alternative to decorative gravels which are a depleting natural resource.
  • It is lighter than natural gravel so easier to handle.


10mm Decorative Aggregate


  • Looks great in and around gardens
  • A great feature for landscaping
  • Ideal ground cover in shaded areas where grass or plants won't grow
  • An ideal mulch


                                                          Brick Fines