-20mm Recycled Blended Base

Demolished concrete, brick, roof tiles, ceramic tiles, road base and asphalt are a valuable resource material that can be suitably recycled and blended back into various construction materials. Using recycled Construction & Demolition materials in your next construction project eliminates the need for demolished C & D waste being disposed of at council land fill sites, which assists in protecting the environment from further degradation.


-20mm recycled blended base can be supplied to;

  • Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia (NSW) - IPWEA Class R1 & R2 as guided by the "Specification for Supply of Recycled Materials for Pavements, Earthworks and Drainage" Issue No. 3.0 April 2010.

Material Data

Note: All results are indicative only and to standard compaction AS 1289.6.1.1:

  • Maximum Dry Density – 1.89t/m3
  • Maximum Wet Density – 2.1t/m3
  • Optimum Moisture Content – 12.5%
  • California Bearing Ratio  > 80%
  • Plasticity index – Non Plastic
  • Linear Shrinkage < 4.5%
  • Unconfined Compressive Strength < 1.5MPa
  • Maximum Dry Compressive Strength > 1.7MPa                                                 
  • Particle Shape < 35%
  • Wet Strength > 70kN
  • Wet/Dry Strength Variation < 35%
  • Particle Size Distribution – Test Method: AS 1289.3.6.1


-20mm recycled blended base is an excellent road making material.

  • High quality material that compacts easily
  • High load bearing strength 
  • Impervious to water, low shrink swell properties
  • Construction activities can often continue during wet conditions 
  • Reducing the impact on natural resources
  • Working towards an ecologically sustainable future

Uses & Applications

-20mm recycled blended base has many pavement construction uses.

Some typical uses include:

  • Base layer for road pavement
  • Subbase layer for road pavement
  • Select and structural fill material
  • Base course for hardstand and carpark areas
  • Subbase layer under concrete driveways and footpaths
  • Base course for building pads